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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

What is your process?
After discussing your case details with you, we contact your debtors to secure your funds.

We leverage every legal means possible to recover your revenue.

How long will it take to collect?
Our turnaround time is typically 27 days from the time you’ve sent your accounts over.

How fast we collect is determined by the situation, if you’ve disclosed everything to us that will help, etc.

What makes you different than an attorney?
We only get paid if we collect or if you get paid directly after we intervene.
Why should I turn it over to you?
Competent Third party intervention solves over 80% of all collection issues. We have the time, know-how, and experience to collect. We will collect without damaging the relationship you have with your debtor. If you do not care about the relationship, it will still be intact just in case you change your mind down the line.
What is your success rate?
Our success rate is determined by our Clients. We have the skill and precision to collect, we need your help in being informed as to the scenario. We cannot control your debtors’ actions, but we can persuade them to pay on balances they previously were unwilling to pay. The success rate is “0” if you don’t try. We’re here in your corner to make sure you have the highest possible chance at recovery.
What are your rates?
The most important rate is “0”. Meaning, if we are unable to extract your revenue or if you do not get paid directly, there is no fee. Ever. We offer express, standard, and priority rates. Our pricing is relative to the situation(s) at hand; there is not a one size fits all approach. The faster you want a situation resolved our percentage will reflect the priority, if you have time to wait or would like savings in exchange for standard priority, we will offer a lower rate in exchange. See our Information Packet here [insert hyperlink]. We also customize tailor pricing packages based on your specific situation, aging or newness of accounts, number of accounts, etc.

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