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What is your process?

After discussing your case details with you, we contact your debtors to secure your funds.

We leverage every legal means possible to recover your revenue.

How long will it take to collect?

Great question. Every file is different. Some accounts are resolved within the first few days of being turned over, other accounts take weeks or longer. The sooner take action in sending us your file(s) once you smell the smoke (where there’s smoke, there’s fire), the sooner we can begin working on your behalf.

If necessary, do you handle my cases through the legal process?

Yes, with your written authorization, after we’ve exhausted all avenues, and as long as it makes sense for you.
If your file is approved and we do have to go legal, we have the preferred network of vetted, established attorneys throughout our United States that handle the files we send them with priority.

Why should I turn it over to you?

Time and energy are invaluable. We’ve heard every variation of every tired (and new) excuse and trick debtors use to buy more time in not paying our Clients. It’s a waste of your time and energy to continue chasing a debtor that gives you empty promises or that just won’t work with you.


What are you going to do differently that I haven’t done already?

If you’re on this website reading this specific question, it’s because you’re looking to solve a situation that is wasting your time, bandwidth, or hurting your profit margins. Or, your business sense has led you here. There’s a much higher chance that you will collect something having us in your corner vs doing the same thing you’ve been doing and getting 100% of zero – which is still zero.

What are your rates?

The most important rate is “0”. Meaning if you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid. Every situation is different; a short conversation with us to discuss the circumstances you’re dealing with is the fastest way to ensure that what we offer is a fit for you and your company.

How will I be updated?

We are providing updates via email and telephone so that you have the current news as to what is happening on your accounts.

Do you handle claims internationally?

We handle commercial claims internationally, and collect everywhere on the globe except for war zones.

What is your success rate?

Our success rate is determined by our Clients as it’s up to our Clients to turn over the debt while there is still a pulse.The age of the debt owed to you is the key factor in determining the probability of successful recovery. 60-90 days is the “sweet spot” for the recovery of your revenue. Every month after 3 months your chances drop. It’s not ‘Happy Birthday’ when your debt reaches a year. After a debt turns over a year in age, the chances are greatly reduced. The older the debt = less chances of collection. But hey, it’s always worth a shot – when we do not try, we are sure to fail.

How do you collect?

While the secret is in the sauce, we utilize all legal means possible of recovering.

Do you use skip tracing?

We leverage skip tracing on every file.
By doing so, we make sure you have the highest chance of collecting.

Do I really need a local agency or can I just go national with you

Locality is not critical in today’s age. A collection agency’s efficacy is determined by training and the ability to pivot as the nuance of a situation directs. By Alpha Receivables’ utilizing of modern technology, location ceases to be a factor unlike decades past. Alpha Receivables delivers results on delinquent accounts to clients all throughout the United States of America and the globe on debtors located here stateside.


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